San Felice del Benaco on Lake Garda

Posted on 26 February 2010
San Felice del Benaco is a country situated on the west coast of the Lake Garda, that confines with the villages of Manerba, Salò and Puegnago.
In this characteristic and famous zone is situated our Camping Eden.
The San Felice name comes from the Latin words " sinus felix" , that they mean " insenatura felice".
San Felice is famous for the Sanctuary of Carmine and its House of Acceptance, dipped in the green in order to facilitate the rest of the body and to allow spiritual and physical  refreshment to all visitors.
The sanctuary offers the “welcome service” for the pilgrims and for persons whom they liberally want to have spiritual talks, moreover they carry out a liturgical animation service for young people and adolescents, reunions, seminaries and conventions.
The Sanctuary has been planned maintaining externally a characteristic mediovale structure, but inner it has some elevators in order to make the building accessible also for handicapped persons and it has 60 rooms that can accommodate till 120 persons.
An other characteristic place in San Felice del Benaco is the Borghese island, that is approximately 200 meters distant from the cape that divides the gulf of Salò from the bay of the Emerald.
In XV the century the Island was a Franciscan school and approximately in the 1690, Cosimo Medici stayed there and he transformed it in a monastey.
In 1770, the Borghese Island was given to the family Conter of Salò and in the course of the years this building became residence of the wealthier bourgeois of the time. At the moment the island belongs to the bourgeois family Cavazza.