Green holiday

The Eden touristic village on Lake Garda offers you green and eco-sustainable holidays, in the name of protecting and enhancing this splendid area that hosts us. A truly special natural oasis, a small earthly paradise that deserves to be seen in every corner. We offer an eco-friendly experience, for a green and eco-sustainable holiday.

Excursions & itineraries

At the reception it is possible to organize excursions in the area to discover nature and the most beautiful places on the western coast of Garda. We recommend cycling itineraries, outdoor sports and trips out of town.

Air conditioning with ClimaCard

The philosophy of our "Eden" is based above all on eco-sustainability even in the structures, encouraging greater responsibility towards the environment and greater awareness of energy consumption. We have installed the ClimaCard in our mobile homes, a useful system for energy saving that facilitates the control of our customers' consumption during their holiday.

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Waste sorting

We offer separate waste collection in every structure of our campsite. And to facilitate disposal, we have created small, comfortable and practical ecological islands in all living areas.

Charging column for electric cars

We have installed a charging station for electric cars inside our village, in order to support travel with ecological means.