These rules intend to protect not only Camping Eden, but the welfare and interest of all guests, priority for us. It’s a question of  information and simple rules, but above all, common sense and good conduct, for mutual respect and civility: we are sure,  you will share and apply them willingly. Thank you all for your cooperation.


Opening hours: from 8.30 a.m.  to 7.00 p.m.


It is compulsory the registration of all persons entering or staying in Camping Eden. Upon arrival at the reception the guests are required to show a valid ID for the recording of law and to sign the registration form. The booking and signing of the registration form involves  the acceptance of the campsite rules. No variations in the number and name of people indicated upon arrival will be accepted.
Each guest during the check in procedure will receive an identification bracelet which must be worn during the entire stay. Customers who don't wear the bracelets will not be considered customers of the campsite.


Any changes in the cost of the stay will be adjusted on site by the check out. Here, the deposit paid upon arrival will be refunded after inspection of the accommodation. The inspection will be carried out by our staff from 8.30 a.m. in the morning or until 7.30 p.m. in the evening. After the inspection the accommodation must be vacated and the key must be delivered at the reception.
At the reception you can find help and cooperation in all circumstances, you can book bus tours, excursions by boat, we sell bathing caps for the pool, you can rent linen and you get various information ...
At the reception are available the names of private doctors (various specializations) which can be contacted in case of need.


Silence Night time: 23:00 to 7:00. In peak season the management may delay the beginning of the silence during the night time by an hour. In the hours of silence it’s forbidden to circular with cars, motorcycles and motor homes on the campsite and any kind of noise  is prohibited  that may in any way disturb the quiet and the rest of the guests.
During the silence of the night time the barriers of the campsite are closed but you can access on foot.


Visitors are required to pay the charge indicated on the pricelist and at the reception door for each person and any vehicle.
They are also required to deliver a document of identification at the reception and pay the fee at the cash desk.


Children under 18 must be accompanied and stay with their parents or other persons who are legally responsible. The adults are responsible for the children's behavior, which should always be supervised and accompanied to the toilet, to the beach, pool and playground.


Each guest is required to keep the objects it owns. The Management disclaims any liability for loss, theft of valuables or personal items or damage caused by bad weather or force majeure.


to damage plants and flowers, dig holes in the street and on the emplacements, to light fires, hanging ropes and tents to trees and structures, tampering with equipment in common use, wash dishes and clothes out of the special sinks, wash your car in the area used as a Camper Service.
The campsite management reserves the right to remove without delay those customers who, in his opinion, by their conduct disturb the tranquility of others or do not respect the rules of the campsite.


Pets are allowed, by agreement with the management, in compliance with the law (see definition of dog breeds considered dangerous), except in mobile homes. Remember to bring to their health certificate, leash and muzzle for tranquility of all guests of the campsite. Dogs cannot enter the pool area, public showers and the supermarket.
Guests who stay in a chalet with animals (max. middle size) during the check in must leave a deposit of Euro 100,00 in cash.


Cars and motorcycles can be parked on your emplacement or close to the chalet/mobile home.
To ensure the safety of the guests present at the campsite, we remind drivers that the speed limit within the Camping is 10 km / h.
It’s not allowed to leave on site uninhabited  caravans and/or tents free of charge in high and peak season: in this case the pitch and two adults will be charged as basis.


In the fresh water swimming pool there is a lifeguard and it’s open daily from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm
swimming pool adults: 12 m x 22 m, depth: 1,25 m - 2,00 m
swimming pool for children: 10 m x 10 m, depth 0.50 m
top pool: 10 m x 18 m; depth: 0,00 m - 1,25 m
We value the characteristics of drinking water and cleanliness of our pool: for this reason the bathing caps are compulsory, do not forget to put them in your suitcase! In the pool are allowed swimsuits without metal parts or boxer shorts for men (bermudas are forbidden...)
Hot showers are free of charge, for your comfort.


On the day of arrival the accommodation will be available from 5.00 p.m.  and the day of departure must be vacated by 9.00 am
On the day of arrival the pitches are available from 3.00 p.m. and on the day of departure must be vacated by 12.00. For departures after 12.00 will be charged an additional day.
The pitches are equipped with electricity at 220 volts / 6 amps (EC attacks in use).
The accommodations cannot be occupied by a higher number of persons than established by the management otherwise the reservation will be cancelled on site.
The pitches cannot be occupied by a number of people over 6 otherwise the reservation will be canceled on site.
For all gas, water and electricity are free: the campsite participates in programs of environmental sustainability, so guests are requested not to waste these such important and valuable resources. Small measures such as switching off the light and the air conditioner when not needed, close the water tap etc.., represent an important contribution to the ecosystem in which we can all live.

In case of late arrival or early departure for any reason not attributable to the campsite  the customer must pay the whole booked period.
In case of no show reservations confirmed with deposit will remain valid until 12.00 a.m. the following day: after this term and in the absence of communications the reservation will be canceled.  For this reason, please promptly notify any errors on arrival.

The management ensure the type of accommodation or pitch required,  but does not guarantee the reservation of specific plots or accommodations.


Sheets, towels, cots and high chairs, refrigerators, air conditioning, laundry services are optional and on charge. Hot showers, umbrellas and sun loungers for the pool and bungalows and mobile homes are free.
The final cleaning of bungalows and mobile homes is compulsory.
The pricelist is inclusive of VAT: and the Rules of the campsite is an integral part of the booking conditions. However the Management reserves the right to modify the prices for any change of the taxes (VAT, tourist tax…etc)
The Management assumes no liability in case of damage caused in the campsite for people and property from natural disasters.
In the event of a dispute the Italian version will prevail and foreign language translations are intended for informational purposes only.