Campsites on Lake Garda: Eden, the best camping on Garda

Why settle for when you can stay in what is one of the best campsites on Lake Garda? With its four stars, Camping Eden is among the most renowned in the area.
The Romans said that "nomina sunt consequentia rerum", a phrase that literally translated means that names are a consequence of things, and also used the expression "nomen omen" to say "destiny in name", "a name a destiny", "In name and in fact". Why do we tell you this? Because thanks to its location, surrounded as it is by a green and relaxing landscape and overlooking breathtaking views in which the blue of the lake is intertwined with the blue of the sky, our camping on Lake Garda bears its name stamped on its be an earthly reproduction of the Garden of Eden!

Camping on Lake Garda: why it is considered the best by our national and international guests

The many positive reviews we receive every day give us the reasons why our camping on Lake Garda is considered one of the best, if not the best, in the area. The same reviews also help as an incentive to encourage us to improve the quality of the services offered.
In particular our guests, habitual or sporadic, appreciate:

- The strategic location by the lake
- The exceptional pool area for children
- The relaxation it offers
- Accommodation
The panorama and the view that can be enjoyed

- the convenience store inside it

- The ratio quality / price

- Location not far from buses to Desenzano
- Location close to the harbour, which is only 300 meters away, and the center of San Felice del Benaco, just 2,5 km away

it is the couples,

Those who appreciate it with a full score: the position of Camping Eden is evaluated with a 10 for a trip for two!

A camping on Lake Garda not far from a famous peninsula: Sirmione

Staying at Camping Eden, which is located in the town of San Felice del Benaco, you will have the chance to discover areas of incomparable natural beauty and landscape. At about twenty miles you can give yourself a walk in the town already celebrated by Carducci in his " Barbarian Odes

"«Ecco: la verde Sirmio nel lucido lago sorride,
fiore de le penisole»


Sirmione is located along the homonymous peninsula that stretches for about 4 kilometers inside Lake Garda. The town is known in particular for the so-called "Grotte di Catullo", a term which identifies a Roman domus built on the top of the peninsula at the beginning of the 1st century AD, although structures dating back to the 1st century BC have been found. For more information about touristic visits, the cost of admission, opening days etc. we invite you to ask at the info point inside the camping or visiting the official website of the Regional Museum of Lombardy, by clicking on the following link:
We look forward to seeing you at our camping on Lake Garda!