Holidays on Lake Garda with your dog, some advice for you''

Holidays on Lake Garda with the dog? Choose Eden and organize your trip

Posted on 25 July 2018
As you surely know, the Eden campsite is pet-friendly, this means that you can spend your holidays on Lake Garda in the company of your dog. We have designed a family-friendly stay for you and your 4-legged friends, included in the family, so welcome to them!
We would like to give you some advice, however, if it is true that it is important for Fido to always stay close to their owners, it is equally essential to study the journey well, bring everything they need for them and not cause excessive stress.

There are airlines that have opened the cabin even to dogs, booking in advance you can bring small-sized dogs in the special carrier in the cabin with you and not oblige them to travel alone in the hold. On trains and on public transport, make sure you are well informed about the companies you use, be careful never to leave dogs free.

The structure you choose must be pet friendly in name and in fact! Find out about the services it offers for dogs, where it is allowed to take them and where it is not possible.

If you choose to live your holiday on Lake Garda with your dog you will obviously need to organize your days according to your needs. Prefer visit destinations to which you can access with Fido and do not leave it too long alone, it is a new environment for him.

For any information, contact us without obligation. We are waiting for your holiday on Lake Garda with your dog.