Bungalow on Lake Garda

Posted on 19 February 2010
The term " bungalow" derives from the Gujarati term baṅglo, that means " Bengali", used in order to indicate the characteristic residences of the Bengali population. Bengal is a region in the north of the Indian continent and its territory is divided in two parts: Bangladesh and the Indian state of Western Bengal. Bungalows were very small hauses disposed on only one flat with a  very wide straw roof that covers immense terraces.
To have a bungalow in India in the courrent days is symbol of wealth and power; thus instead it is not in other states like America, in which everyone can have a bungalow.
In the African state, instead, bungalw are located on beaches and they are used like holidays lodges or small houses, that are used like nets warehouse for fishermen. In Italy bungalows are used in campings and the residence like receptive tourist structures. Campings supply several types of bungalows according to the requirements of the tourist: there are models that can accommodate more persons, some with little terrace, others with more floors; there is a bungalow for each request!!
Our camping offers to own customer bungalow on lake Garda, very good solution for couples, families or also groups of friends who look for a comfortable accomodation for a fantastic holiday.
Camping Eden bungalows can accommodate till a maximum of 7 persons, and they are coposed of ½ bedrooms, equipped kitchen with all the necessary, bathroom and a covered veranda. The guests have a private parking for one car  inside of the camping.