Bau beach for your holiday at Lake Garda with dog

The holidays on Lake Garda with dog are not a problem, in Camping Eden also your four-legged friends are welcome. We will also give indications on the closest beach so you can relax and have fun and spend great holidays at Lake Garda with your dog

Why bring your four-legged friend with you on holiday

As the holidays approach, anyone who has a dog is besieged by the usual Hamlet-like doubt: do I take him with me on holiday or do I leave him at home with someone who takes care of him? Let's now see all the benefits that spending our holidays on Lake Garda together with our Fido gives us! 

- Sharing a moment different from the daily routine means strengthening the bond with our four-legged friend; 

- Taking our puppy on holiday is an opportunity to build precious and indelible memories with the whole family; 

- Not leaving him at home means avoiding a stressful moment for our Fido;

- Having him with you will allow you to relax and completely immerse yourself in the holiday experience , without having negative feelings such as guilt, concern for his well-being and anxiety; 

- Having your dog with you during your holidays will be an incentive to enjoy nature and keep active in the open air!

In short, why spend a holiday on the phone with the dogsitter, saddened by the lack of our special friend, when we can take him with us and share truly unique moments? And if up until now you have always hesitated because a dog-friendly holiday seemed very difficult to organize, we have good news for you! As you will discover by looking us up, not only is Lake Garda the perfect location for this type of experience, but Camping Eden is exactly what you need!

We are in 2024 now, we still hear that some tourist facilities do not accept dogs, thus forcing the owners to choose other locations or to look for an unhappy stall accommodation for their 4-legged friends. Recent research has estimated that at least 75 million dogs live in Europe alone, in Italy 45% of families own at least one. What does this mean? That we need to keep up with the times and also welcome these members of the families with nose and tail! In other case, the structure must be aware that by preventing access, 45% of potential guests are waived.

A pet-friendly camping on Lake Garda

At Camping Eden, in San Felice del Benaco, you can spend your holidays on Lake Garda with your dog. Health certificates are required, possibly a muzzle, a leash and above all common sense, which is impossible to translate into written rules. But this, the responsible owners, already know. With a few simple rules you can live the most beautiful holidays of your life, a complete family. It is time to organize for this year, the holidays on Lake Garda with your dog must be at Camping Eden, you will not regret it. The solutions we offer for your stay with Fido are:
- pitch for camper or tent
- Chalet Marty
- Chalet Giglio.

Holiday on Lake Garda with the dog

We have come to the advice, many of which will surely already be pinned on your check list before leaving for the trip. Always carry dog ​​documents, vaccinations, any medicines you administer regularly, as well as the food he is used to, some games, his kennel and a nice bowl to always have fresh water available. Don't leave him alone in the structure, it's a new environment for him so he could be afraid and feel uncomfortable. Organize your days also taking into account his presence, therefore avoid places where he cannot enter and prefer long walks to discover the splendid territory of Lake Garda, nature here is the real mistress and deserves all possible attention.

Take advantage of the offers for early booking of your holidays on Lake Garda, for the low and high season. Contact us for any information without any commitment.

Travelling with dogs: walks and itineraries on Lake Garda

During your holiday on Lake Garda with your four-legged friend, we recommend that you discover the beauties of the landscape through nature walks, that are suggestive and exciting.
There are so many, one more beautiful than the other. We suggest some itineraries not to be missed:
Mount Baldo. The mountain that extends for half the length of the lake, the one you will find on the opposite shore from our campsite, a popular destination for hikers from all over the world. It is full of trails with different difficulties to cover on foot or you can reach the summit with the cable car from Malcesine, a 20-minute journey where you can also bring your dog with a muzzle. It goes without saying how unique the view of the entire Lake Garda from the top of Monte Baldo is, a crazy panorama.
The Ponale path in Riva del Garda. In the northern area of ​​the lake, in the province of Trento, there is one of the best known itineraries in northern Italy, 10 kilometers long for a duration of about 2/3 hours, crossing woods, bridges and rocks, definitely Pet Friendly.
The Valley of the Paper Mills in Toscolano Maderno. A decidedly historic valley surrounded by greenery, in which it is possible to see the ruins of the ancient local paper mills while walking. In summer, of course, a swim in the Toscolano river that runs through the center of the valley is a must.

We could really indicate many other roads, from more challenging routes to simple walks along the lakefront of the various coastal towns ... your holiday on Lake Garda with your dog can be truly rich and special.

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