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Relaxation and adventure during the holidays on Lake Garda

'What to do during your holidays on Lake Garda? Getting lost in nature or relaxing in wellness centers? To you the choice

Autumn has begun its ascent and with it the diffusion of the smell of wet soil, mushrooms and roasted chestnuts. The memory of the summer period echoes from afar, but it is still vivid in the mind of each of us, especially the relaxation and psychophysical well-being that the moments of vacation make us back. Although the images are still fervent, the return to work rhythms leaves no room for rest except in the brief moments we can carve out. So why not give us a week or a weekend away from the chaotic cities? If you want to give yourself some days in the care of your body and your mind, we could only advise you to spend this time immersed in nature. And what better than a holiday on Lake Garda! If your curiosity is intensifying and the desire to get away from everyday life, you are already making yourself heard, here are some tips on why the Garda atmosphere can only do for you.

Why spend holidays on Lake Garda?

Let's see all the features to make your vacation an unforgettable moment. Let's start from the location, which will first of all infuse your stay with an essence of comfort and relaxation. The landscapes and the typical features of the Lake can only capture you and immerse you in an atmosphere of connection with your inner self and with all that surrounds you. The flora of these areas is typical of the Mediterranean climate, with olives, lemons, vines and agaves, but we must not forget the chain of the Prealps that faces the west side and sees the highest peak in the famous Monte Baldo, a perfect place for everyone lovers of excursions at high altitude. There is therefore the fantastic encounter between a mountainous landscape and a typically Mediterranean one, which is also reflected in the fauna which, thanks to the presence of protected areas, has the possibility of maintaining and proliferating.

What to do during the holidays on Lake Garda?

Landscaping is not the only treasure in the area. This is joined by the various entertainment that we can take part in as:

● wellness centers and spas

● excursions

● water sports

An experience that we recommend is definitely to let you be lulled by the treatments and the care of the wellness centers with saunas, chromotherapy and thermal baths. For those who prefer adventure, the countless mountain trails and paths will amaze you with their hidden beauties. And if your spirit is even more reckless, you can opt for the huge variety of water sports that the Lake offers its visitors including sailing, wind surfing, canyoning or if your interest comes to wanting to explore every shore, even a fantastic boat ride could meet your needs.

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