Pitches on Lake Garda, for tents or campers

Pitches on Lake Garda on terraces or separated by hedges. Discover all the services at your disposal.

When planning a vacation, the hotel is certainly not the only possible choice. If you do not want to have schedules or constraints and want to experience holidays full of adventure, the pitches on Lake Garda at Camping Eden are ideal for you!

Pitches on Lake Garda in a dream location!

Our pitches on Lake Garda are set in a fairytale context: the Eden campsite, in fact, is located in San Felice del Benaco, on the western shore of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia. San Felice del Benaco is an ideal place for holidays and for relaxing moments.
All the areas around San Felice are so beautiful that in the past this land had earned the name of Sinus Felix, which means happy inlet! Absolutely not to be missed is a trip to the Island of Garda, which is the largest of the Benaco islands and is located opposite the promontory of San Fermo. The island is about 600 meters from the shore and the nearest starting point to reach it is the pier of Porto Portese. It generally welcomes visitors from April to October, so what better time than next Easter - which we remember will fall on Sunday 21st April - to organize a trip?

This oasis of peace was home for a long time to the opera singer Adelaide Malanotte, a sentimental friend of Lechi, so dear to Foscolo and a wonderful interpreter of Rossini's works. Should we add anything else or what has been said so far is enough to make you rush to book our pitches on Lake Garda ?!

Pitches on Lake Garda to enjoy all the services of Camping Eden

By booking our pitches on Lake Garda you can enjoy all the services that Camping Eden offerts to its guests. In particular, in our campsite you will find:

- large park with garden
- private beach
- swimming pools of various depths

- waterslides

- toilets

- bathroom for people with disabilities
- showers and washbasins

- bar

- restaurant

- pizzeria

- minimarket

- game room

- Satellite TV

- sports fields

- children's playground


Pitches on Lake Garda: an oasis of tranquility and peace!

There are many reasons why more and more people opt for pitches on Lake Garda, when planning a vacation. Do you want to wake up in the morning with the chirping of birds and the rays of the sun that warm you through the tent or the window of your camper? Do you love spending your dinner outdoors, breathing in the fresh night air? Do you want to feel like at home, without having to turn on a mortgage to allow yourself a few days of well-deserved relaxation? Then the pitches on Lake Garda are the ideal solution for you!
Among the countless advantages, we include only as an example:

- the relaxation that this solution offers
- the possibility of discovering the surroundings
- the activities offered
- silence and privacy
- the entertainment
- competitive prices and the possibility of
 taking advantage of special promotions
- the nature in which they are immersed               

Don't wait too long, book the best pitches on Lake Garda in advance and take advantage of the special offers. Our oasis of peace and tranquility awaits you!

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