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Do not miss the offers for mobile homes on Lake Garda

The advantages of organizing your summer vacation in advance by taking advantage of discounts for low and high seasons. Take advantage of the offers for our mobile homes on Lake Garda!

February and March are the perfect months to search, find and choose the destination of your holidays and the tourist village in which to stay. For what reason? First of all, arriving before everyone else allows you to book the period you prefer, to reserve the accommodation you love and, above all, to take advantage of great discounts. Not to be missed is what the various tourist villages offer for future summer holidays today. So as not to be reduced to the makeshift accommodation of the last minute, why not organize your vacation immediately by taking advantage of the offers for mobile homes on Lake Garda? Let's take a look at the features and benefits of booking your vacation spot now.


Why opt for offers for mobile homes on Lake Garda?

The structures present in the marvelous landscape halfway between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige are able to satisfy any of your relaxation vision and all the needs you desire to finally spend a rest period away from stress. According to your different needs, you can then choose among the many proposals in which Eden tourist village welcomes its customers: splendid mobile homes on Lake Garda, deluxe and comfortable, chalet apartments equipped with every comfort or pitches for tents and campers. Mobile homes remain the preferred solution for the greatest number of guests, precisely because they allow you to spend days immersed in nature, without renouncing services and comforts.


What offers for mobile homes on Lake Garda can you find?

Organizing your holiday from now on means making a double profit, that is, finally being serene and not having to stress in the weeks behind the holidays to find places and places to stay and take advantage of the discounts that the structure offers. Eden has two different offers:

- 15% discount for the low season - period from April 25th to May 30th 2020 and from September 12th to September 27th 2020 - minimum stay 7 nights

- 10% discount for the high season - period from 30th May to 27th June 2020 and from 8th August to 12th September 2020 - minimum stay 7 nights

A deal that you shouldn't miss if you dream of comfort and fun. The campsite is ready to satisfy every kind of need, from the desire to take a swim in the pool, to the possibility of eating in the restaurant or buying a snack in the minimarket without having to go to the city.

To know the details of all our mobile homes on Lake Garda, we invite you to browse the village page of our website or read this very interesting article: mobile homes on Lake Garda, 100% homes.

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