Souvenir from our tourist village on Lake Garda

From your holiday at Eden, a tourist village on Lake Garda, what would you like to bring at home as souvenir? Here's an excellent idea.

Posted on 05 December 2018
Today we talk ... of a curiosity: the souvenir. Have you ever back home from a holiday without a souvenir from where you have been? Impossible ... the souvenir is a must: from the simple magnet to be attached to the fridge to the typical product of the place you’ve been. Whether to keep at home or to give to friends and relatives, choose it carefully, it could give you an even more beautiful memory of your holiday.

What would you recommend to guests of our tourist village on Lake Garda, when they ask for advice at the end of their stay? We have no doubts: a bottle of Garda DOP extra virgin olive oil. It is defined the Garda's green gold with no needs of explanation, an exclusive product known all over the world for its excellent organoleptic properties, perfect in combination with any dish and excellent consumed on a slice of warm homemade bread. Taking with home a bottle of DOP oil means first of all rewarding the activity of hundreds of local farmers who invest resources, time and passion in the immense work behind the production of the product itself; secondly, your taste buds will be happy ... there is nothing comparable!

2018 can represent the golden age. it seems to be a real record, both in terms of the quantity of olives produced, thanks to the very sunny and warm climate even in autumn, and in terms of quality, judged excellent by the experts. Are you ready to taste our oil when you are guests in the tourist village on Lake Garda Eden? And, as we’ve remembered before, it's also a great souvenir idea for everyone!