Immersion in nature thanks to the camping on Lake Garda

'Balance and harmony of the tourist villages of the Garda area respecting the environment and discovering the landscape

Posted on 11 Septembre 2019
Camping on Lake Garda respecting the surrounding nature, a great commitment.

Point of junction between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, Lake Garda is one of the preferred destinations for foreign tourists from the north, mainly from Germany, Holland and Russia, but also from anyone in the neighboring areas of Brescia, Verona and Trento who want to relax enjoying these beautiful landscapes. Although the possibilities of stay are very much directed towards luxury tourism with hotels and spas, we would like to show you how the territory can also welcome those who prefer holidays more immersed in nature. Therefore, nature lovers are advised to stay in the idyllic international Eden tourist village, located in San Felice del Benaco in the province of Brescia.

Venture into the camping on Lake Garda?

Each tourist facility has different characteristics from the others. As for the campsites, these peculiarities are given primarily by the different landscape within which they are inserted. It is important that artificial constructions and mobile homes on Lake Garda enhance it in its entirety without altering it. Villages like Eden are therefore designed to fit in perfectly with the surrounding environment, without spoiling their natural beauty. This allows all lovers of flora and fauna to be able to spend a period of vacation totally surrounded by greenery. A place to be discovered and to learn to know, respecting our surroundings.

Environmental responsibility in the camping on Lake Garda

Just as we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, we should also pay attention to the world around us. Ecological-environmental responsibility should be fundamental in every aspect of our daily life and even more so in sensitive contexts such as natural environments so exposed to human alterations. It is therefore important to be aware of the good practices to be followed which should then be adopted in the daily life of each of us. Always collect the waste that is produced, in particular cigarette butts which it is believed cannot damage, but which take years to decompose.

Why camping on Lake Garda?

The choice to stay within these structures should not be made exclusively by those who prefer this atmosphere, but by anyone who wants to reconnect with a more spiritual part that often our everyday life tends to obscure. The immersion in the landscape surrounding the lake could be an excellent opportunity to finally be able to do meditation without the physical closure of the four walls that often more than make us feel protected, force us into the narrowness of the cement. Opting to camp on Lake Garda therefore has the following advantages:
- contact with nature
- approaching one's inner life
- relaxation through meditation