Camping on Lake Garda: closing of the season

Our campsite on Lake Garda Eden has officially closed the special season of 2020. Soon we will publish prices and promotions for next year!

Yes, this very special season has come to an end, on 5 October we officially closed the gates of our campsite on Lake Garda, greeting a very special summer. Special because it was a season of restart, of extraordinary smiles, of extreme desire for fun and relaxation ... in your eyes we read the desire to leave behind this bad period we lived, so ... full speed ahead! We are really happy to have given you a few days of leisure, breathtaking views, activities in nature and fresh water baths. Now we take a little time of well-deserved break and then ... to work again for you, for next summer 2021.

Holidays on Lake Garda: from 2020 to 2021

As we tell you every year, from the close of 2020 to the opening of 2021 it is a blink of an eye, time passes so fast that you will not even notice it. Now winter arrives, the cold, then immediately after the preparations for Christmas, the holidays for the new year and away ... it's done. We run, but it is time that passes quickly! In a few days we will publish the new prices and great offers for the 2021 season, you can already book your stay at our campsite on Lake Garda and do the countdown that we have missed so much this summer.

Obviously, the possibility of booking with ERGO travel insurance remains active, so as to sleep peacefully and not lose money if you are unable to leave.

In a couple of weeks we will get to work for you, to offer you special holidays on Lake Garda, staying in exceptional tourist facilities, comfortable and equipped with all comforts. Hoping to return to total "normalcy" soon, we wish you a wonderful winter reminding you to keep up to date on our blog to find out all the news.